VinConerCompany orientation introduction

VinConer Joint Stock Company (VinConer) would like to send respectful greetings and cooperation to customers. We wish you good health, success, and prosperity.

Established in September 2018, with the initial orientation and selection of film-coated plywood products for customers who are construction companies in Vietnam market, foreign markets such as Japan, Korea, India, Middle East…

After nearly 4 years of operation, VinConer has become a reliable partner of many customers and trusted by customers. From 2018 to 2019, VinConer’s film-coated plywood product revenue reached nearly 150 billion. Up to now, we have always maintained a positive growth momentum.

In 2020, with the strength of VinConer, we continue to develop more new products around the customer ecosystem, which are export plywood factories, construction contractors, and customers.

Foreign partners supply raw materials for plywood production to the Vietnam market. VinConer has been the distribution agent for flour imported from Australia, Russia, China, and America for plywood factories in Vietnam.

Along with that, VinConer is the representative distributor of the brand from the manufacturer in Malaysia, responsible for market development and distribution of “Phenolic film-coated paper” for large film-coated plywood factories in Vietnam. Vietnam specializes in manufacturing and exporting to world markets: EU, UAE, USA, Korea…

In 2022, VinConer will start researching and developing the market, supplying compressed wood pellets to customers who need to use it as a fuel for factories in industrial parks, for fireplaces. , used as fuel for power plants, used to dehumidify cattle and poultry farms.

We believe that we will be the place to seek and be given trust as well as opportunities for mutually beneficial, sustainable cooperation with customers.

For any information please contact:

VinConer Joint Stock Company.

Address: Room 401, No. 227 Nguyen Ngoc Nai, Khuong Mai Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi City. Mail:

Whatsapp: +084.0979.817.208

Business Strategy

  • Become a leading supplier in Vietnam of products: plywood, film-coated plywood, and other materials for plywood factories
  • Outstanding quality, transparent financial solutions for mutual benefits, bringing peace of mind to customers.

Exceptional strength

  • The ability to supply large quantities in a short time
  • Widely supplied throughout Vietnam and other regions
  • Wide range of products to suit the needs of customers